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May 10th, 2006

09:46 am: Waiting on grades...
I am so glad to be done with school! I had all of my finals last week, so this week I have be waiting on all of my grades to be posted. Not counting English, I made an A on every final :)Hopefully I will make straight A's this semester.

I moved out of my dorm this weekend and it was so stressful. I don't know how all of that stuff even fit in the dorm! My RA is checking my roommate and me out today. It is going to be kind of sad leaving my dorm for good.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great summer !

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April 12th, 2006

09:23 am: Writing as Wil Wheaton
I do not have step-children to write about, so I will write about my dogs.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I got a new dog. We already have 4 dogs at his house, but his dad fell in love with this dog at an animal shelter. We named him Bengi. He is so adorable!

Anyway, I got to spend some time with him yesterday. He was scared and hiding in the garage. I went and called for him to come out but he was too afraid. Finally, after about 10 minutes of attempting to get him to come out he did. I took him out in the yard and let him play with our other dogs. He was timid at first, but eventually he came around. Since we just got him yesterday, he has not gotten groomed yet. His hair is all matted from being a stray, and it itches a lot. Also, he had to be neutered and he constantly licks his stitches. It is really funny to watch him.

After we played in the yard, Bengi and I sat in the front porch. I rubbed his back for him for a long time. He is still really skinny and I could almost count all of his ribs. It made me really sad because I LOVE dogs. It reminded me of a stray dog that I had a while ago. She was so skinny and I named her Bandit. She died after we had her for about 4 months. She had cancer and we didn't know :(

Back to Bengi- I went out to see him this morning and he really seemed to feel at home. It made me feel really good inside to know that he has a home thanks to us (my boyfriends family + me)

April 4th, 2006

02:36 pm: What's been going on...
Well, I went to the Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and Billy Currington concert last Thursday. I was so fun. I am also going to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert in April. Basically I love country music!

This week is Sigma Chi's Derby days so I should be pretty busy. I am the Derby Darling for Sigma Kappa so if you see my face on a can around campus drop some change in! Saturday is mud games, which I am competing in, so if you are bored come on by.

Also, Saturday is Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Association. This is Sigma Kappa's national philanthropy. In East Tennessee, our sorority is the largest contributor, so that is pretty amazing. We have been working really hard since the fall to raise all of this money and I am so glad it is finally here.

Now I want to talk about the weather. It was so pretty and warm last week. What happened? Those storms the other night scared me to death! Then the next day it was cold :( and it is cold today! BOO! I love warm weather and am really looking forward the this summer. I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas with my boyfriend and going to Hawaii for the 4th time with my family. I love going to the beach :) What kinds of plans does everyone else have for the summer?

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March 27th, 2006

02:38 pm: Spring Break
Well I went to Daytona, FLorida for spring break. It was pretty nice, but it was windy and a little chilly.

I went with 3 or my girlfriends, which usually is messy. You know, cat fights etc. You would think since we are in college that stuff would go away, but NO!

One of the girls who went with us has a problem telling the truth. Everything that comes out of her mouth is usually a lie. Well, we had made it all the way to Wednesday night without any trouble. And then...

She went out on our back deck and started talking about us to one of her Cookeville friends on the phone. She was calling us b word this, f them, blah blah. We could hear EVERYTHING she said. When she came back in we confronted her and she tried to say she never said that stuff!

Needless to say, we left the next morning, a day early, and have not spoken to her since. She ruined our last day, but not our whole trip. I will never be friends with her again though.

I just hate people who lie all the time. I am not that way, and I would appreciate a little more respect out of a friend you know? It is just really annoying. Unfortunately, this girl is in my sorority so I have to put up with her... I hope she moves back home and goes to Tn Tech :)

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March 25th, 2006

12:00 pm: Odeo
Ok, so I had some cell phone issues. Basically my service got cancelled or something because my dad was mad at the Cingular guy. Therefore, I did not called Odeo.

That is probably the best thing for all of you though. I was under the influence most of my trip, so I cannot imagine that you would have been interested in hearing anything I had to say.

March 17th, 2006

06:46 pm: Spring break!
Well, I must admit that I am SUPER excited about Spring Break. I am leaving on Sunday to go to Daytona. I have been checking the weather everyday to make sure we are going to have good weather EVERYDAY I am there :)

I saw on the news yesterday that 3 women have been found deadin Daytona. Apparently they were prostitutes, so I am not too worried about going there.

I have been trying to get all of my clothes together. I keep all of my out of season clothes at my grandmothers house because I do not want my closet to be cluttered. It was so frustrating to try and get all of my stuff out of my dorm, my grandmother's house, and my house. I am awful at packing beacause I ALWAYS over pack. Even when I tell myself to be careful and not over pack, I end up doing it. Oh well.

I am nervous about the Odeo thing we are doing for our spring break assignment. I have a drunk dialing problem....

Usually I only annoy my boyfriend. Hopefully I will not do that, but if I do I will delete it immediatly.

March 6th, 2006

02:49 pm: It's gonna be a long week...
Well, today is Monday. Monday's always suck, but they suck even worse when you know it is only the beginning to a progressively awful week. This is what this week looks like for me-

Monday (today): English (which was canceled so I got a nap YAY! ) shower, Educational Psychology, lunch, work from 1-5, dinner at Sophie's, Sigma Kappa meeting, LIBRARY . This brings me to another point. I forgot I had a Bio 102 test tomorrow; therefore, I have not studied yet. Way to go Kristen!

Tuesday: My sister turns 16 today. Greek Week begins today.... 9:05 Bio Lab. Why do I have a lab when I should be studying before the test? Then Bio, lunch, work 1-3, Sigma Kappa meeting to educate the new members about study tips, then dinner with the family for my sisters birthday. The fact the she will be driving freaks me out and makes me feel old! When I get back I will have an enormous amount of homework to do.

Wednesday: This is my long day. English, shower, Educational Psychology, lunch, work from 1-4, Political Science until 7:45, then maybe dinner? Rest? Study? Who knows.

Thursday: For once I get to sleep in! Bio at 11:15, lunch, work from 1:30-3:30, All Greek picture @ Neyland Stadium, Maybe I'll hang out with my boyfriend? again who knows?

Friday: (this could be the worst day)English, shower, Educational Psychology, lunch, then I get to take an Alcohol Awareness Class @ UTPD for getting caught with alcohol in my dorm. Man am I excited about that (not)! Then the baseball game for Greek Week and finally I am staying the night with my boyfriend.

Saturday: Canning at the West Knoxville Wal*Mart to raise money for Memory Walk from 11-2. As soon as I return I have a Sigma Kappa Meeting until 5.. ugh Then my sister is DRIVING to spend the night with me. I am still freaked out about the driving part.

Basically, once I make it through this week I will be a happy camper, but until it is over I might be grumpy.

Have a great week!

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March 1st, 2006

01:24 pm: This week so far...
Well... this week is about over, meaning it is about to be the weekend! YAY!

I have been working continuously on my Political Science 7-9 page paper. Now there might be some of you who are good at Political Science, I, however, am not. I just spent 4 straight days slaving over a paper that I do not even know what half to stuff in it means. I was supposed to "critically analyze" he philosophies of Kuhn, Popper, and Lakatos. Well all three of those guys are WAY smarter than I will ever be and speak some Political Science secret language that I do not understand.

Moving on, the nice weather this week has been great. I've always heard that sunlight helps people not be depressed and I am starting to believe that. Not that I am suffering from depression, but I seem to be much happier when it is sunny. Also, when it is nice out (and I have to time to go to my house) I can play with my dog outside.

Now for something everyone can be interested in... SPRING BREAK!!!!!
It is almost here... I will be in Daytona. Where are you guys going?

What about the basketball game tonight? I am really excited because I love going to the games, but get this- I have POLITICAL SCIENCE (which you know I LOVE.. not) until 7:00 Therefore, I am going to get an awful seat where I probably cannot even see the game. By the way, after class today I saw Major Wingate. I frequently see him during that time period and am always rally excited. It is like he is a celebrity, but today was different. He has on light blue rubber ducky pants. For some reason I find this odd.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good day.

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February 27th, 2006

02:10 pm: Paper Journal Experience
Writing my journal on paper this weekend was kind of nice. I did the style totally different than what I would write on here. I wrote it like a letter to someone that I was angry with and wrote how mad I was, what I was mad about, and all sorts of mean things I wanted to say. I also drew pictures on it and scribbled around. I do this a lot because it is nice to be able to get out all the mean things I want to say without ever having to really say them. Obviously I never give people the letters I write because I would not want to hurt their feelings!

It felt really weird to think that I was actually getting a grade for writing mean things down on a piece of paper, but hey it sure was easy!

I would never use my blog to get rid of my anger like that because people could read it. I think it would be awful if my boyfriend or one of my friends stumbled upon an awful letter I had written them online. That would probably make them really mad at me. Also, if someone in our class knew the person I was talking about they could tell them too.

Basically when I write things down on paper I never intend for them to be read. I usually rip them up and thrown them away as soon as I am not mad anymore. That way the means things I said can never come back to haunt me. If I posted them online, however, it would be a nightmare if they were found!

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February 15th, 2006

02:06 pm: just to make you laugh
well this week has been crazy. I have a Joe like story for you.........

So, Monday was going as usual, school, work, Sig Kap meeting , library. After being in the library for 2 hours, my friends and I decide to go to the tanning bed. So we are leaving from Hess, going down by the Methodist house and Kappa Sig. My friend Whitney and I are skipping...

And out of nowhere I trip and am flying face-first toward the sidewalk! Naturally, I put my arm out to protect my face. Everyone, including me and people driving by, was laughing. It seemed funny until I started to feel anb awful pain in my arm/elbow.

We get to the tanning bed, and try to take my hoodie off to judge the extent of my injury. This was a problem bc I could not straighten my arm. It was bleeding, but for some reason I still tanned. This made a tan line on my belly from having my arm across it.......

Now it is like 11:15, my arm is double the size of the other, can't straighten, and hurting like hell. My friends take me to the emergency room. They also call my parents, who feel it necessary to come down.

I must tell you right now that I HATE hospitals. They scare me. And I felt like I was on the set of Grey's Anatomy. Anyway-

Whitney goes back with me to get my blood pressure etc. This is the first time I have to explain what haapened. So I start out "I was skipping down the sidewalk and fell"

The nurse looks confused and says "were you intoxicated?"

I tell her "NO"

She takes me back to bed number 17 and has me wait on Dr.Seeley. Whit and I are just sitting there bored for like 45 min until Dr. Seeley shows up.

He ask me what happened, so this makes the second time, and I tell him "I was skipping down the sidewalk and fell"

Now there was a jerk guy nurse cleaning beside us who just starts laughing VERY loudly. I did not find this funny because I was in a lot of pain.

The doctor said an X-ray tech would come get me to have my arm X-rayed soon. 20 min later this creepy guy come to get me. He tells Whit that she can't come because "I'm all his"

This creeped me out, but he got worse. As we were walking, he was REALLY close to me. He leans over and whispers "You ain't pregnant are you?"

I was like "NO!"

He says "You sure?"

Ugh... I told him once more "NO, I am not pregnant!"

Now I know they have to ask this bc the X-ray is bad or w/e for a baby, but he was weird.

While I am waiting this nice nurse ask me, for the third time, what happened. i tell her "I was skipping down the sidewalk and fell"

She, like everyone else, laughed.

Anyway, my arm wasn't broken so they need me in a s ling for 2 weeks. Well, that nice woman nurse has me standing up while she cleans the wound. She gives me some strong pain meds to hold me over until I get mine filled. I start seeing lots of black spots... then WHAM, I passed out.

I wake up in a bed with ice and like 20 nurses around. They had to wheelchair me out to my dad's car and he had to take me to get food immediately. It was like 2 am so my dad, Amber, and I went to Krystal's.

Needless to say it was an awful way to end Monday and begin Valentine's Day, and I have a gay sling to wear for 2 weeks :(

And this has taken me 57 min to type this one handed.

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